About Us

Full-Service Agronomy

Certified Crop Advisors and Agronomists on staff – implementing precision agriculture agronomy and applying those principles in the Hemp and Cannabis industries. With  a foundation based in large scale agriculture and precision farming, we are able to guide our growers down the path of sustainable nutrient plan that is sure to maximize yield and quality while minimizing over application. Every planting is unique and we will tailor a fertility regiment based on the need of each individual operation.

Fertilizer and Pesticide Sales

High quality organic and conventional products available to meet the exact demands of every planting. With extensive experience in agriculture agronomy and pest control, we are able to provide the highest quality fertilizer and pesticides available on the market and create access to these materials for the hemp and cannabis industry. No more watered-down,over-priced product, from the, grow shops- we only stack high quality, highly concentrated materials for our growers.

Our available pesticides are limited to materials that meet state and federal regulations for Cannabis and Hemp. More information is available upon request.

Irrigation Management

Irrigation design and consulting based on many years of agricultural, hemp, and cannabis irrigation. Irrigation supplies, irrigation monitoring equipment, full automation, system engineering, and irrigation scheduling services are available to ensure maximized yield and quality.

Ag Laboratory Services

CALIGROW is a proud affiliate of Ag Laboratory Consolidated. With this affiliation, we are proud to offer a high-quality analysis of all aspects of a grow operation – from plant tissue analysis to water, soil, and pathology analysis – we offer it all. Contact us for more information.